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ARTIK Bundle – Variable

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KITCHEN Bundle – Variable

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DISH Bundle – Variable

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HAND Bundle – Variable

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No point in making this complicated. POUR. FILL. CLEAN!


We are to be good stewards of this Earth.  Do your part in eliminating Single-Use plastic waste: join ARTIK / Reuse / Recycle. 


Our bundles are effective solutions for your all your household cleaning needs.  And they include FREE SHIPPING!

Did you know that…


plastic bottles are used in America every year?

but only


of Plastic in Containers and Packaging is Recycled?!

In Contrast, 


of ALL Aluminum ever produced is still in use!



of Aluminum Containers are Recycled!

EPA's Safer Choice

We have partnered with the EPA’s Safer Choice program on our All-Purpose Cleaner.  Our other products will follow soon! 


Our products are biodegradable to the OECD-310 standard.


All of our products are designed and tested to be safe, effective and enjoyable.  Have you tried all of our fragrances?

Single-Use Plastic FREE

We have created a household products line with aluminum packaging and recycled plastic sprayers.

Made in USA

We are a family company working together to honor God with our sweat and serve you with our products.  We source, mix, fill and package all our products in the US!  

“Your product is the best ever and all my friends want this product. Just a quick story. I have 3 dogs and my brother in law wanted to know how my house smelled so fresh all the time. I gave him the rest of the unopened bottle . My sister was calling the next day.”

Lyons, KS

“…I won’t clean with anything else…”

Gainsville, FL

“So I just discovered this cleaning product in lavender and lemon scents on the clearance shelf at Kroger. I have never in my life had my cleaning products smell so incredible! I’m obsessed with cleaning because of this, my husband loves it… ”

Atlanta, GA

“Love this stuff… Best cleaner I’ve bought, leaves everything smelling fresh and clean, no streaks. Cuts grease.”


“This is such a GREAT cleaner, smells really wonderful. Actually, makes cleaning enjoyable with the great aroma. Try it just once and you will love it.”

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I am so excited! I also cannot wait until it is in stores. Your is the only cleaner that is effective, smells amazing, and doesn’t exacerbate my asthma…”

Hollywood, FL

"Tried this product from Kroger just because the bottle was cute and it smelled great! BUT! This the BEST cleaner ever!"

Newberry, GA

"- Can you tell me when I would be able to get a couple gallons of the mint? I am getting desperate and my sister in law is completely out. I fear for the balance of product I have left. LOL."

Marietta, GA

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