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ARTIK Bundle

(5 customer reviews)

Everything you need to keep a clean home, sans-plastique!  The ARTIK Bundle is our most popular starter bundle and makes a great gift too!

  • Includes 4x aluminum bottles and 8x refill pouches
  • Refill pouches packaged in organic cotton bag
  • Save 46 plastic bottles every year!
All-Purpose Cleaner

  • 1x Reusable Aluminum Bottle
  • 2x Refill Pouches: Mint & Tangerine
Glass Cleaner

  • 1x Reusable Aluminum Bottle
  • 1x Refill Pouch: Fresh
Hand Soap

  • 1x Reusable Aluminum Bottle
  • 2x Refill Pouches: Bamboo & Lemon
Dish Soap

  • 1x Reusable Aluminum Bottle
  • 2x Refill Pouches: Bamboo & Lemon
Floor Cleaner

  • 1x Pouch: Lavender


Reuse these durable aluminum bottles and save at least 46 plastic bottles every year by using the refill packets.

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ARTIK Bundle (One-time purchase)           $45

Refills (Select frequency)                               $24

What’s in your Bundle
All-Purpose Cleaner
Powerful, lab-tested cleaning performance thats removes grime and leaves no streaks!
Glass Cleaner
Let the sun in! With no streaks!
Hand Soap
Takes away the grime, not the softness of your skin.
Dish Soap
Degreases and aromatizes
Floor Cleaner
Clean floor, clean socks!
Help end plastic pollution
Costs less than retail
Unforgettable fragrances
Gel is better than tablets

5 reviews for ARTIK Bundle

  1. kirabalestrini (verified owner)

    I’ve been using artik for a few years and I’m glad they are plastic free now!

  2. Brenda Colmenares (verified owner)

    Best scent!

  3. Brenda Colmenares (verified owner)

    I’ve used almost every cleaner on the market and the scents from Artik are incomparable!!

  4. daniel (verified owner)

    Woooow, i loved the quality, the soft fragrances and the fact we are saving plastic! Keep it up!

  5. TOS (verified owner)

    Best cleaners I’ve used, and they smell great!

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