Well, let’s look at some numbers:


of Total Post-Consumer Plastic Waste is Recyclable in the USA


of Post-Consumer Plastic Waste is actually Recycled


of Plastics in Containers & Packaging is Recycled


of all Municipal Solid Waste is plastic!

bottles of All-Purpose Cleaners sold in 2018

bottles of Liquid Hand Soaps sold in 2018

bottles of Manual Dish Soap sold in 2018

Tons of Plastics in Containers and Packaging sent to landfills last year in the USA

In total, over 35 Billion plastic bottles are used in the USA each year!

If only 13% of Plastic in Containers is recycled,

Where do all these bottles go to?

In the best of cases they end up in a Municipal Landfill.  But too much of this waste is ending up in the environment as well.

So then, why Aluminum?



of ALL Aluminum ever produced is still in use!


of North American Aluminum supply comes from Recycling Processes!


of Aluminum Containers are recycled. Compare this to 13% for all plastics!


less energy and water is required to recycle an aluminum can rather than create from virgin material!

Consumer Recycling Rates of Beverage Containers

  • Aluminum 49.8% 49.8%
  • Plastic (PET) 29.2% 29.2%
  • Glass 26.4% 26.4%

Avergage Recycled Contents of Beverage Containers

  • Aluminum 73% 73%
  • Plastic (PET) 3% 3%
  • Glass 23% 23%

Value Per Ton of recyclable material

  • Aluminum $1317% $1317%
  • Plastic (PET) $299% $299%
  • Glass -($20)% -($20)%

Is switching to Aluminum containers enough?

It’s only the first step .

Using ALUMINUM containers and then RE-USING the container is the BEST option we have.

ARTIK is developing an all-aluminum-container approach to household packaged goods.

 – Aluminum is super durable and easy to use and re-use for years!

 – Aluminum is much better positioned to be recycled (after being used and re-used) than plastic

 – It makes much more economic sense to recycle Aluminum rather than plastics.


ARTIK refill pouches can be shipped for 45c, instead than the usual 5$ you pay for a household product.

 – The pouches have concentrated gel and therefore save money and energy in shipping.

 – The pouches themselves are recyclable!