All Purpose Cleaner – 3x Ready To Use

3x 24 Oz All-Purpose Cleaners Ready-To-Use

(16 customer reviews)

All Purpose Cleaner – 3x Ready To Use

3x 24 Oz All-Purpose Cleaners Ready-To-Use

(16 customer reviews)

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+ Overview

These Ready-To-Use cleaners are carefully formulated for maximum cleaning effectiveness using safe and sustainable ingredients.

Make sure you also have our Cellulose or Cotton Kitchen Cloth! 

+ What's Included
  • 3x All-Purpose Cleaner, Ready-To-Use, 24 Oz
  • Scents included: Fresh, Tangerine, Mint
+ Ingredients
    • Filtered Water – Solvent
    • Isopropyl – Organic Compound for Cleaning Agent
    • Propylene Glycol – Stabiliser for Dirt-Removing Ingredients
    • Tomadol – Nonionic Surfactant
    • Cocamide DEA – Foaming/Emulsifying Agent from Coconut Oils
    • Polyquart – Surfactant Organic Compound Polymer
    • SLES7 – Anionic Detergent and Surfactant
    • Mergal – Preservative
    • EDTA – Chelating Agent
    • Fragrance – Brings back the Joy of Cleaning

Awesome Fragrances


“... A mix of pre-rain wind and a hint of pine, Good job Artik!”
Sharon, Vail, Colorado.


"tangerine is my favorite. Crisp citrus but yet mello. My friends also loved it btw”
Taylor, Orange County, California


"Your mint cleaner was energizing and powerful. Me and my wife really liked it, congrats on this product”
Brian, Houston.


Take their word for it!

16 reviews for All Purpose Cleaner - 3x Ready To Use

  1. Debra

    Just what I expected, the fragrances are veeeery nice specially the mint one.

  2. Kimberly

    I actually miss this product in the stores, I use to buy it at Kroger!

  3. Laura

    I’ve been using this cleaners for 10 years now I think, can’t get enough of them. Bring back the lemon!

  4. Rosalia

    For everyone that hasn’t try this. You don’t know what you are missing out, I love the mint and the tangerine.

  5. Joel

    This product is a MUST HAVE! trust me, it cleans anything so well!

  6. Claudette

    Can’t live without it. Actually I subscribed, keep 1 and give the other 2 away to my neighbors who also love it.

  7. Emma

    This bundle is great and will last you for about 3 month. Your home will smell amazing

  8. Astrid

    I actually miss this product at Kroger so I had to turn to the website and buy it here.

  9. Candace

    I found out about this brand on Atlanta and it’s been the savior of my house, there were smudges that no other cleaner could have eliminated and Artik did it

  10. Karim

    This mint fragrance should have an award or something, it’s my favorite.

  11. Basel

    I always loved this product since I bought it at western beef 10 years ago. I just clean my house with this it really smells different.

  12. Daniel Orellana

    I’ve spent years cleaning with this items. I love their fragrances and they’ve taken out smudges that other cleaners just won’t. This are the absolute best.

  13. Beatriz T

    I love these Artik Products, their fragrances are the best, just perfect !! Everything smells so clean it gives me peace. And the cleaning is first class quality.

  14. Debbie

    Can’t clean with anything else, haven’t found another product that offers such amazing scent

  15. Zulay

    I love this product.
    It has a good price and the quality is extraordinary.
    I recommend it 100%

  16. TOS

    I bought this product in Kroger years ago and I have been hooked ever since! I don’t want to clean with anything else but ARTIK.

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"Best cleaner I've bought.."

Love this stuff.. Best cleaner I've bought, leaves everything smelling freshand clean, no streaks. Cuts grease. - Celesta

"ARTIK is #1!"

...My family has owned a cleaning company for over 20 years. I know cleaning products very well. I've used 100's of products and I can say ARTIK was #1.. - Jeremy

"... I love it so much.."

... I finally decided to try (ARTIK) and I love it so much I had to come look online to write a review... - M. Timothy

"This is the BEST cleaner ever!"

Tries this product from (Kroger) just because the bottle was cute and it smelled great BUT! This is the BEST cleaner ever! - Michelle

"Thank goodness!"

Thank goodness! I've never wanted to cry over cleaning products before ...! - Jennifer

"...I did share..."

I have already gone through one bottle. I did share and give my mom one... I am definitely going back to swipe out the shelves again. - M Murray

"Amazing Product"

Amazing product, very good! I love the fact that it helps save the planet. And the best thing is that is the best cleaner I have ever used, smells amazing! - Cali

"Stovetop shines and kitchen smells so fresh"

Stovetop shines and kitchen smells so fresh! - Paige

"It is amazing!"

It is amazing! Everyone at work wants to buy (ARTIK)! - Jerome

"I'm obsessed with cleaning"

I have never in my life had my cleaning products smell so incredible! I'm obsessed with cleaning because of this, my husband loves it (ARTIK! - Melissa

"Nothing comes close"

I have not found any cleaner that was close in scent or effectiveness! - Miriam