Amare Soap – by Teen Challenge SoCal

Support Teen Challenge with these Natural Aromatic Soaps!

(24 customer reviews)

Amare Soap – by Teen Challenge SoCal

Support Teen Challenge with these Natural Aromatic Soaps!

(24 customer reviews)

Single Soap $7.00  $3.50

3x Bundle $21.00 $10.50

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Free Shipping on orders over $55!

+ Overview

AMARE SOAP is handcrafted by Central Valley Teen Challenge students in Reedley, CA.  Its location in the heart of the valley enables us to use locally grown ingredients, as well as the highest quality products sourced from around the world. Net proceeds of this soap enable Teen Challenge SoCal to change the lives of society’s most vulnerable.  Throughout the world: families, children, women, and men struggling with life controlling issues are provided a free, one year Christ-centered program at Teen Challenge. Our hope is that you enjoy this soap as much as God enjoys changing lives.

+ What's Included
  • 1x amazing 5.5 oz aromatic soap (or 3x if you select the bundle)
  • ARTIK will match your purchase with a donation $ for $
+ Impact

Support the restoration of hope and life of thousands going through drug and alcohol recovery.  To find more about Teen Challenge please visit

+ Ingredients
    • Calabria di Rossa – Carrier Oils and Butters: Coconut, Olive, Cocoa, Shea, Palm Fruit, Pomegranate Seed, Sweet Almond.  Essential Oils: Calabrian Bergamont, French Lavender. Fragrance Oils: Sandalwood Vanilla.  Pink, Red Micas for Color.
    • Black Pine Tar – Carrier Oils and Butters: Coconut, Olive, Palm Fruit, Pomegranate Seed, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed. Essential Oils: Himalayan Cedarwood, Siberian Fir Needle, Calabrian Bergamot, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Ground Oats, King’s River Sand. Black Mica, Titanium Dioxide for Color.
    • Cedarwood Orange – Carrier Oils and Butters: Coconut, Olive, Cocoa, Shea, Palm Fruit, Pomegranate Seed, Sweet Almond. Essential Oils: Himalayan Cedarwood, 5 Fold Orange, Rosemary. Orange, Gold, Brown Micas, Titanium Dioxide for Color.

Awesome Fragrances

Calabria di Rossa

Black Pine Tar

Cedarwood Orange


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Take their word for it!

24 reviews for Amare Soap - by Teen Challenge SoCal

  1. Veronique

    Really nice design! Love it and nice fragrances as well, they are fine and misty!

  2. Gaby

    Beautiful soaps!

  3. Victor

    Smooth stuff! They smell really great actually it’s relaxing to use them.

  4. Candace

    Nice job! Soap feels great, smells great, arrived quickly! You should have a bundle.

  5. Yovanna

    I don’t know how they do it but they look wonderful and smell wonderful.

  6. Withney

    Soft on skin, effective, Fast acting.

  7. Jordan

    Great and beautiful soaps! And supportive of a great cause!

  8. Jill

    Very nice scents, doesn’t dry skin. A+

  9. Valerie

    I love this bar soaps they look really good. I have sensitive skin and this soaps really does not harm my skin.

  10. Paul

    Let’s go!! This guys made a powerful soap that doesn’t leave your skin dry.

  11. Homer

    Good lasting quality, nice scents and great looking!

  12. Kylie

    Really nice quality and scent but I wish they were bigger.

  13. Eva

    Bought the bundle and now I have one on each bathroom. According to my family we voted and we liked black pine tar!

  14. Pamela

    They smell really good, comes out easily and don’t dry your skin. The cedarwood orange is Really relaxing to smell.

  15. Irina

    There are soaps you love and soaps that you just bath with, this one is the one you love bathing with.

  16. Lorna

    They are a beautiful! I love supporting the cause and Black pine tar is my favorite.

  17. Cleo

    This is a great Add On! I am subscribing to this soaps because all 3 fragrances are awesome and they don’t dry your skin.

  18. Helen

    Calabria di rosa is the best for me. It’s smells so good.

  19. Emilia

    My support to “teen challenge So Cal” on making this amazing soaps. They all smell great and are very durable. I might add beautiful as well.

  20. Emma

    Love this initiative. As for the soaps, they are great! They don’t dry your skin and love the fragrance.

  21. Giselle

    I love showering with this soaps, they turn your regular shower into a spa. They small so so good.

  22. Kari

    They last long and their smell is so refreshing and relaxing.

  23. Helga

    Keep it up guys!

  24. Amanda

    It really smells and feels great.

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Amazing product, very good! I love the fact that it helps save the planet. And the best thing is that is the best cleaner I have ever used, smells amazing! - Cali

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