Biodegradable Plant-Based Sponge

Reusable, Plant-Based and Biodegradable

(16 customer reviews)

Biodegradable Plant-Based Sponge

Reusable, Plant-Based and Biodegradable

(16 customer reviews)
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+ Overview

These Plant-Based Biodegradable Sponges

+ What's Included
  • 4x or 8x Plant-Based Biodegradable Sponges

Take their word for it!

16 reviews for Biodegradable Plant-Based Sponge

  1. Norma

    Love all of their eco friendly products! Durable and eco conscious.

  2. Lauren

    Very eco friendly and durable. But the color is what I like the most because they are so different and matching with my kitchen colors

  3. Renata

    Nice durability! Other aspect I love is that it has non toxic materials.

  4. Amanda

    This sponges are Super eco friendly and look beautiful because of the colors.

  5. Paul

    Very eco friendly, soft on skin and fast acting, I bought 4 of them to last me 6 months

  6. Laurie

    Very absorbent and very ecofriendly

  7. Kalpana

    God sponge! Keep helping the environment, love what you’re doing!

  8. Ana

    I love the fact that they are super eco friendly and look really nice but you should make an 8 pack so that we don’t have to be buying them so often

  9. Marla

    Super eco friendly, super effective and very durable.

  10. Donatella

    A must have add on if you buy the dish soap. They are very durable!

  11. Ashley

    Very durable and love the ecofriendliness side of it!

  12. Rafaela

    I’ve cleaned for month with it and still looks pretty new!

  13. Zenia

    Finally good quality eco friendly sponges. Subscribed!

  14. Sandra

    I wasn’t expecting them to last for so long. A+ Quality.

  15. Amanda

    Super eco friendly and long lasting.

  16. Daniel

    Love the durability! And they really hold a lot of water. Nice!

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Love this stuff.. Best cleaner I've bought, leaves everything smelling freshand clean, no streaks. Cuts grease. - Celesta

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Thank goodness! I've never wanted to cry over cleaning products before ...! - Jennifer

"...I did share..."

I have already gone through one bottle. I did share and give my mom one... I am definitely going back to swipe out the shelves again. - M Murray

"Amazing Product"

Amazing product, very good! I love the fact that it helps save the planet. And the best thing is that is the best cleaner I have ever used, smells amazing! - Cali

"Stovetop shines and kitchen smells so fresh"

Stovetop shines and kitchen smells so fresh! - Paige

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It is amazing! Everyone at work wants to buy (ARTIK)! - Jerome

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I have never in my life had my cleaning products smell so incredible! I'm obsessed with cleaning because of this, my husband loves it (ARTIK! - Melissa

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