Laundry Detergent Sheets

Detergent Sheets

(37 customer reviews)

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Detergent Sheets

(37 customer reviews)

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+ Overview

These Laundry Detergent Sheets dissolve quickly and work well in hot and cold water with no residue.  No harsh chemicals nor irritating ingredients.

Use half sheet for regular loads and full sheet for tough loads.

+ What's Included
  • Hypoallergenic Laundry Sheets
  • 32x Sheets (64 loads) or; 64 Sheets (128 loads)
+ Impact

Save at least 6 Plastic Bottles Jugs every year by using these Laundry Sheets!

Save lots of space in your laundry room!


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Take their word for it!

37 reviews for Laundry Detergent Sheets

  1. Lauren

    Yeah nice new way of cleaning! I like it but wish I could get more use to it.

  2. Levay

    I don’t know what I have laundry liquid stuck in my head, but this works! Put more fragrance in it

  3. Lenna

    Powerful sheets! They can easily clean soccer and basketball clothing so, they past the test!

  4. Claudia

    They really work! They are so much easy to handle than the big jugs, but I wish they had more scent.

  5. Lucas

    Great solution, and love the box where I can store them. Much better than messy liquid soap

  6. Kimberly G

    I have kids and a Labrador and trust me it can get messy. I ordered these sheets, they come in a box to make it easy to store and they work really well. Also less expensive than liquid detergent.

  7. Joseph

    This sheets are dope! I just bought this after I finished my tide liquid soap that sucks I am tired of that huge ass bottle dripping everywhere.

  8. Samantha

    Love this sheets, my kids are in Baseball, soccer and Tennis classes so I know about cleaning and this sheets do the job.

  9. Paulina

    They really work! But I got them 2 days late.

  10. Leon

    I’ve been using this sheets for over a year now and my cloth are perfectly fine, so I am happy about them

  11. Crishelle

    Wooohooo! Finally got them! I like the performance, they come in a beautiful box. They should have them delivered every week.

  12. Morgan

    They should be called lifesaver sheets. Every time that I run out of my liquid soap I am just save by the sheets so I decided to switch and subscribe

  13. Logan

    Actually they work pretty nice. I workout every day and use 2 per washing load and cloth comes out nice and fresh

  14. Yara

    Can’t live without them never going back to big bottle detergents ever again. And I am saving a ton of plastic from reaching the oceans and landfills.

  15. Debra

    I’ve had them now for 4 months and no complaints! I have to throw 3 sheets for my kids sports clothes.

  16. Wendy

    Honestly I am saving a toooon with this sheets and they really work. Nothing else to say.

  17. Fiona

    What a bargain! Just what a bargain thanks for this I will save hundreds a year on laundry! And they really work.

  18. Tamy

    Actually I save money buying this sheets compared to the actual liquid detergent.

  19. Giselle

    Being subscribe has really helped me, I haven’t carry a big bottle of detergent home since forever. They work very well

  20. Meghan

    They do work great but they should have like colors so that you know when to re-order.

  21. Rudolf

    I use this sheets everyday. I also go to the gym everyday and therefore it’s a must have for me.

  22. Nicole

    I have sooo much space now!!! Bye bye big Orange bottles, this sheets work very well. I am guessing it’s compressed soap.

  23. Julia

    Amazing quality! Love the soft fragrance and my clothes comes out with out wrinkles and shrinkage.

  24. Georgina

    If you have teenagers you know how many times a week it’s laundry day. And this sheets really work. I use 2 for football cloth and 1 for regular day.

  25. Terry

    I go to the gym everyday and this sheets leave no wrinkle and really clean cloth.

  26. Terry

    Nice soft fragrance. Smells fresh and no wrinkles on my cloth. I go to the gym everyday so this actually does a pretty good job.

  27. Gerard

    I have all of Artik products and they are really A+ quality. I am also subscribed to this sheets and they really work!

  28. Sandra

    If you are reading this, take my word for it. I subscribed month ago and haven’t think on laundry supplies to this day on. I love this sheets they really work!

  29. Irina

    I can see much more space in my laundry room now that I got rid of the big plastic bottles.

  30. Yanina

    I am a clean freak and this satisfies my needs.

  31. Trixie

    This is a must have on every household.

  32. Jasmin

    This is so convenient! Why doesn’t everyone switches to sheets? Really works!

  33. Artesia

    I keep them in a small Artik box on top of my washer machine, they do a great job (I have 2 boys that play Football and their cloth stink) and I subscribed and really got less one thing off my mind

  34. Artesia

    I keep them in a small Artik box on top of my washer machine, they do a great job (I have 2 boys that play Football and their cloth stink) and I subscribed and really got less one thing off my mind.

  35. Cleo

    Can’t live without them

  36. Sarah

    Much less space, great quality!

  37. Charles

    Just what I needed!

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"Best cleaner I've bought.."

Love this stuff.. Best cleaner I've bought, leaves everything smelling freshand clean, no streaks. Cuts grease. - Celesta

"ARTIK is #1!"

...My family has owned a cleaning company for over 20 years. I know cleaning products very well. I've used 100's of products and I can say ARTIK was #1.. - Jeremy

"... I love it so much.."

... I finally decided to try (ARTIK) and I love it so much I had to come look online to write a review... - M. Timothy

"This is the BEST cleaner ever!"

Tries this product from (Kroger) just because the bottle was cute and it smelled great BUT! This is the BEST cleaner ever! - Michelle

"Thank goodness!"

Thank goodness! I've never wanted to cry over cleaning products before ...! - Jennifer

"...I did share..."

I have already gone through one bottle. I did share and give my mom one... I am definitely going back to swipe out the shelves again. - M Murray

"Amazing Product"

Amazing product, very good! I love the fact that it helps save the planet. And the best thing is that is the best cleaner I have ever used, smells amazing! - Cali

"Stovetop shines and kitchen smells so fresh"

Stovetop shines and kitchen smells so fresh! - Paige

"It is amazing!"

It is amazing! Everyone at work wants to buy (ARTIK)! - Jerome

"I'm obsessed with cleaning"

I have never in my life had my cleaning products smell so incredible! I'm obsessed with cleaning because of this, my husband loves it (ARTIK! - Melissa

"Nothing comes close"

I have not found any cleaner that was close in scent or effectiveness! - Miriam